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Licensed Conveyancers

What is a Licensed Conveyancer?
  • They are a statutory alternative to a solicitor regarding all aspects of dealing with property.
  • They can be instructed instead of a solicitor when you are moving house or remortgaging.
  • They are specialist property lawyers.
  • They are entitled to act in all property related matters.
  • They are Commissioners for Oaths.
What is Conveyancing?
Conveyancing is the transfer of ownership of real estate / property / land from one person to another.  This does not necessarily have to be by way of sale - it may be as a result of a gift in a will, or a transfer to a beneficiary by a trustee.
Many years ago there was no such thing as a Licensed Conveyancer,  Property Law was the monopoly of solicitors, and prices reflected this.  Austin Mitchell MP recognised the inadequacies of the situation and through his actions the Licensed Conveyancer was established by virtue of the Administration of Justice Act 1985.  In addition that act created The Council for Licensed Conveyancers, the regulating body who oversee education, examination and annual licensing of practitioners.  The introduction of Licensed Conveyancers has brought competition to the property market, competition is reflected not only in price but also in improved service from both solicitors and Conveyancers alike.
What can a Conveyancer do?
The legislation that created Licensed Conveyancers gave a duty to provide a high standard of value for money services. In addition to many years of Conveyancing experience the Licensed Conveyancer has passed qualifying examinations of above law degree standard. All Licensed Conveyancers are required to obtain Professional Indemnity insurance as a condition of the issuing of the annual licence.
Why choose a Licensed Conveyancer?
  • They are specialist property lawyers whose fees are generally very competitive.
  • They carry out all aspects of a matter from start to finish.
  • They generally have greater practical experience than the staff employed in solicitor's offices.
  • They are generally better qualified (by examination) than the staff employed in solicitor's offices.
  • They are rarely out of the office dealing with other matters unrelated to Conveyancing.


"The level of service and advice given was extremely high and overall provided excellent value for money" Chris Leach

"Thankyou for the professional way in which you helped move into our new business premises. While many aspects of the move have been stressful and difficult you have calmly ensured that the conveyancing aspect of the move was very smooth. We will definitely be coming to Kingfishers when we move house. Ken Jones, Howards Blinds Ltd

"An excellent decision - the service was prompt, efficient and friendly. I was kept informed at every stage of the proceedings and a potential problem was swiftly dealt with. Thank you Kingfishers for a thoroughly professional but totally individual service."Maureen Winders, Chesham, Bucks.